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Mold Machine Operator

Location : Palmer MA
Job Type : Direct
Reference Code : 16795
Start Date : 06/03/2019
Hours : Full Time

Job Description :

Machine Operators in Palmer, MA

Shift: 5:00 am - 1:30 pm

Salary: $13.00 per hour



  • Gather materials needed for the job such as choke cores, riser sleeves, chills.

  • Clean chute.

  • Blow off chute and pattern.

  • Assemble any materials gathered

  • Riddle sand to cover pattern.

  • Fill flask half full of sand.

  • Straighten sleeves on cope/ ram drag if necessary.

  • Fill flask to top jolt mold.

  • Fill flask again with sand above flask line.

  • Squeeze using squeeze board (cope) or bottom board (drag).

  • For cope, remove squeeze board and cut sand around edge of flask.

  • For drag, secure bottom board to flask.

  • Blow off all loose sand.

  • Draw mold.

  • Roll drag over with partner and set on racks.

  • Hang cope and clean.

  • Blow off drag and prepare core as required by process sheet.

  • Set core as required by process sheet.

  • Take cope and close mold.

  • Release flasks.

  • Take cope flask off and close.

  • Put on cope side.

  • Take drag flask off and roll over and close.

  • Put on drag side.

  • Push mold rack down track.

  • Start another mold.

Required Qualifications :
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